Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day of School!

Today was our first day of school! We always start the day by going out to breakfast. Today we walked to a nearby restaurant! Here's Caleb working on his big pancake.

Then we hit the books! We had a few bad attitudes (I bet you can't guess who!! Take a close look at the pictures and I think you can figure it out!). But we got through every subject without too much trouble! The girls both wanted to do more . . . the boys did not!!

Here's the first day of school pictures:

I love the excitement on Rachel's face . . . and the forlorn look on Jo's face. Such a stark contrast!!

All five:


  1. Thanks for the comment back on my photo, its much appreciated!

  2. Glad you had a good day.

    Jo definately does NOT look excited!
    Rach certainly does!

    Great pics

  3. To funny how the boys are dreading the fact that school is starting and the girls just can't wait!! You have to admit..preschool and kind. are more fun and less work than the olders boys work....and the boys know that!!!! Too funny!!!
    Going out to breakfast is my favorite!!! Mmmmm!


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