Monday, August 31, 2009

Photohunt Challenges

  1. A fountain:

  2. A Road or Pathway

  3. A Fence

  4. A symbol

  5. A Black & White Photo:

  6. A clunker car

  7. A cool car

  8. A Portrait

  9. Amusement

  10. Back to School

  11. Urban/ City:

  12. Suburban:

  13. Country/Rural:

  14. Something Domestic:

  15. Something Wild:

  16. Something Silver:

  17. Something Gold:

  18. Something Shiny:

  19. Something Miniature:
  20. Something Delicious:


  1. I love your fountain, path and your black and white is absolutely adorable. nice results.

  2. Cool pictures! My favorites were the fountain, path and the amusement ones!

  3. Great pics..I love the miniature one, I assume those are Sarah's little fingers :)
    Hope you had a nice vacation away from it all!!

  4. Wow Great photos!

    I'm glad our little coon friends didn't follow us home!

  5. Nice work! I love the stretch limo and the raccoon...great catches!

  6. great work!
    I love your road/path and your suburb shots... great effect :)

  7. I liked your suburban shot. I also liked your portrait! Great picks for the themes!
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

  8. great results. it's so much fun to see through another's eyes.

  9. I loved so many of your shots on the photo hunt.

    It seems you and I like high contrast color in our pictures. :)

  10. You had so many photos that I loved! Great job in the Challenge, I will be posting my favorites sometime this week :)


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