Monday, September 28, 2009

McLinky Blog Hop - 3 Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids

1. How to change a tire. I've never changed a tire. And although I know the step by step process on how to do it, I'm not confident I could do it if I needed to. I think all kids should not only know HOW to change a tire, but actually have practice in doing so. I just hope I haven't jinxed myself . . . I'll probably have a flat tire the next time I'm driving by myself!!

2. To smile at strangers. A simple way to spread happiness to others.

3. To listen more than they speak. Most people spend so much time talking that they never listen to others. Even when they are 'listening' they're just thinking about what they're going to say next. I think it so important to actually listen to others and what they are saying.

MckLinky Blog Hop
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  1. I love your list. A smile does go a long way!!

  2. #1 is great for sure. I always get nervous that I am going to get a flat tire. I would have no idea what to do!

  3. I have never changed a tire either. My dad never thought it was necessary to teach me. lol

  4. I love #2! I do that, but I don't think it's something I've told my son to do... gonna have to get on that right away!

  5. So true. How many times have I had a flat and wished I didn't have to call someone to come help me? Great list!


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