Friday, October 30, 2009

Homeschooling - Week in Review

If my memory will allow - I'm going to post some of what we did in our homeschool each week. We just finished up Sonlight's Core 1 and started into Core 2. Here are a few things we did this week.

  • The kids continued on in the basics.
Jo working on his math.

Caleb working on his Math

  • We finished reading a biography of George Mueller last week. So, Monday we watched Oliver Twist. It was a great way for the kids to not only get a visual on the time period, but to see work houses and the lives of orphans up close and personal. We watched the Disney Version - I kind of wish we would have gotten the older musical version. Oh well.
  • After reading about the benedictine Monks, we made illuminated letters. Here is an example of Caleb's. He went a little overboard with the gold paint!

  • Aaron read the read alouds and Bible to the kids last year. This year we decided that he would continue doing Bible with them and I would take back over the read alouds. He still has 2 or 3 read alouds to finish up from Core 1, so he'll probably continue reading when he has time. So, I've got to enjoy Red Sails to Capri with the boys this week - it's been a lot of fun to read aloud.


  1. That made me laugh..when we did Sonlight Core 1, I struggled getting through Red Sails...I just didn't enjoy it at all. One of my favorites was Follow my Leader!
    It's funny how peoples tastes are different. It's always hard for me to keep reading in read alouds that I don't enjoy. I do feel sorry for my kids when they have to read something independently that they don't enjoy too!
    Loved the pictures from this weekend with Michiya....was that the first time you met Michiya in person?

  2. That is funny! I used to pay attention to what people would say about books on the Sonlight Forums - then I soon learned that we loved some of the books they hated, and hated some of the books others loved! Follow My Leader is one of the 2 books that Aaron didn't get to - so they'll probably read it at some point this year. I'll let you know if we like it.

    It was the first time I had ever met Michiya. I think the last time he was here was at Kristen's wedding. I was so glad he flew in - and Lenore was SO much better!


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