Friday, October 23, 2009

Loving My Husband Friday

Loving My Husband Friday is for taking the time to focus on the positives of marriage. A time to build up your marriage and your spouse. Focus on something you love about your husband, something he did to encourage you this week, or just a tip on how to keep your marriage strong. Let your husband know you're bragging on him...everyone loves praise and accolades. Try to spend the rest of your week focusing on all the great traits of your spouse...especially when your tempted to focus on the bad! And don't forget to pray for your husband and marriage as you write your post.

Add a link to your post to Mr. Linky. Then pray for the marriages of the others who post, and give each other a little encouragement to keep our marriages strong!

I've been feeling a little down this week, and I love that Aaron has tried to cheer me up. He even bought me ice cream Wednesday night!


  1. Prayed for you and hope you feel some encouragement throughout the weekend. I love it when hubby's surprise us with something out of the ordinary...last week Justin brought me home a little travel bottle of yummy smelling lotion from bath and body works...what a treat!

  2. Sorry you've been down... prayed for ya!!
    See you tonight!


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