Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Place for everything . . . everything in it's place!

The first step to getting your small (or large) house in order was to purge! Once you have you have your belongings pared down you must start the organization process. Everything that resides in your house needs a home. This is a MUST in a small space. . . and yet a very difficult task (at least for me). I think one of my problems is that I don't purge enough - more things than spaces!! Back to purging for me, LOL!

My junk drawer.

If you have actually purged well, you are ready to get organized! First, decide where you use the item. If it is something you only use occasionally, then you can store it out of the way (in a closet or another room). But, if you use it often, save yourself time and trouble and store it near where you use it! If you pay bills at your desk, for example, make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to complete the task right there!

I even found a place for the baby!!

Keep like things together. Be creative with how you store things. Use containters, baskets, etc. to keep small things together. Try to find something that's pretty and that you LOVE if your storage will be in a visible spot.

Slowly, make your way through your house finding a place for everything. Take your time and think about it . . . that way you won't have to redo it in a few months!! Think about how you live and make your home work for you. Think of all the other members of your household and make it simple for them to follow! There's no reason to rush through. Just do a little each day until you finish.

Of course, then comes the hardest part of all! You have to actually put everything BACK in its place when you're done with it. Train your kids (and hubby) to follow whatever system you set up. Train yourself to put things away when you're finished using them. Try to have every thing put back into it's place at the end of the day. Be flexible and willing to tweak things if they aren't working.

In the end having a place for everything makes life easier for everyone!

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