Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tell Me Thursday - Ring around the Big Tree

On vacation this year we spent a lot of time hiking. The picture from yesterday is from Turkey Run State Park. Most of my nieces and nephews, my kids and my husband had gotten a little bit ahead of everyone else. The kids were in awe of the big tree. I told them to grab hands and encircle it . . . just to show how big it was. They stretched around. After a few shots, the kids started playing Ring around the big Tree. I love this shot - you can just see how much fun the kids are having.

As we were taking these pictures and waiting for the rest of our group to catch up, some ladies passed us coming in the opposite direction. We got asked the inevitable question, "Are they all yours????" I think we had 10 kids with us at that time . . . all 10 and under. Now, we get asked that question all the time with our five. It was kind of nice, for once, to laugh and say NO! The rest of the group soon caught up with us and we were on our way. This picture will always recall wonderful memories of cousins having fun!

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