Thursday, October 22, 2009

We are THAT Family

We Are THAT Family is celebrating her 2nd blogiversary - and she wants to hear OUR stories of being THAT family.

I'm having trouble coming up with a really great story. I vaguely remember a day with horrible spills, permanent marker, and diarrhea . . . but I've blocked out the details!! But, here are some that I haven't been able to block out, yet! We've had beads up the nose, crib fires (O.K., that one was just SCARY), and falling into the toilet. One of the kids have duck feet almost everytime we leave the house (shoes on the wrong feet). But, the story I'm going to tell today can not be blamed on the kids. It was Aaron and I - ALL us.

The baseboard heat in our room had ever really worked well since we moved in. It was the only room in the house with baseboard heat. It also had a ceiling fan with a fancy controller that had a temperature setting. We would turn that setting up on the controller, but nothing would happen.
Then, one day, the lights in our garage stopped working. We changed the light bulb - but still, no light.

An electrician goes to our church, so we asked him to come over and take a look at our two problems. He showed up on a Saturday morning when I was the only one here (so the embarrassment was all mine) and went back to look at the heater. After a little while he said he had it working . . . all he had to do was turn the thermostat ON! We had been using the fancy ceiling fan thing, but the old thermostat was what ran the heat (DUH!!).

Well, I was totally embarrassed . . . but at least I still had a real problem out in the garage. He goes out and comes back in seconds later. Once again, he had it working already. What was wrong, I wondered . . . what fix did he have to make? Well, all he had to do was turn the light switch ON! That's right . . . there was a second switch in the garage that we didn't know existed. Somehow it had been turned off . . . when it was switched back on, it worked just fine!

Yes, we are THAT family! At least we can provide a little entertainment to those around us!

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  1. Oh bless your heart!

    Too funny.

    Thanks for celebrating with me.


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