Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WFMW - Just Do It!

This week's Works for Me Wednesday is a themed edition - Cleaning. I don't know about you, but cleaning is one of my least favorite tasks. I thought about which tip I could share . . . and decided that none of them would do! I decided instead to share what REALLY works for me when it comes to cleaning. As Nike would say . . . Just do it!!

I've used many, many different cleaning systems; flylady, motivated moms, my own weekly chore lists, daily chore lists, etc. They all would work for a little bit . . . and then everything would fall apart and my house would once again be a mess. So, I've come to a realization. Having a system in place is great, but when it come right down to it you have to actually DO it! If I actually just do a little cleaning everyday, it never becomes a disaster!

Most of the chores on our list really don't take too much time. I timed myself . . . and sweeping (with a broom) my living room, dining room and kitchen took exactly 6 minutes. Vacuuming the rug (moving off the ottoman and using the hose to sweep under the couch) took less than 5 minutes. Cleaning the bathroom takes 10-15 minutes . . . a quick swish and swipe takes only a couple of minutes. Mopping the main areas of my house takes 10-15 minutes start to finish (and only about 5 if I just do the kitchen).

So, quit putting off those chores . . . and Just Do Them! It really won't take much time and energy and your house will thank you!

Visit We Are That Family for more cleaning tips.


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