Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WFMW - Stretching your meat Dollar

Almost every week there is big pieces of meat on sale - Roasts (pork and beef), whole chickens, ham, turkey, etc. Often you can buy these meats for less than $1 a pound. I've been buying one of these meats each week - then using it for 2 or 3 meals for my week. Here is what I've done:

  • Roasts - Have a regular roast meal for the first night. Then you can use the meat in many different ways. I usually make a BBQ beef/pork meal. I use the beef juices and some leftover meat to make a stew. You could use it to make pot pie, fried rice, enchiladas. The goal with roasts for me is to get 2 additional meals out of the roast (besides the original meal).
  • Chickens - Again, I roast it the first night. Then I throw the carcass in the crockpot to make some broth. I use leftover meat (along with the broth) to make either chicken soup or chicken and noodles. If you have lots of leftover chicken (or roast 2 birds) you can also make any number of casseroles, enchiladas, pot pies, stir fries, etc. I usually am only able to get 2 meals out of a chicken.
  • Ham - Again, I make a traditional ham the first night. Then you can use the ham in soups and casseroles. Make ham salad. I also usually slice some of the ham and freeze it to pull out for a future meal.
  • Turkey - Turkey's will be going on sale here soon. I try to make several turkeys around Thanksgiving time and freeze the meat to use in casseroles. I use it in place of chicken . . . so anything you use shredded or chopped chicken can also use turkey.
  • You can do this with so many meals! I made chili on Sunday - we had it on Monday night (Chili is better the second time around - right?). Then we had chili dogs. I also have used it in a baked potato bar. So many meals can be stretched and the leftovers used for new and inventive meals.
So, try to cook at least one meal a week that you can look ahead and use in a future meal. Be creative so your leftovers don't taste like leftovers! Saves time, money, and it Works for Me!


  1. I'm making a roast today and wondered what to do with the leftovers! Thanks! :)

  2. Where/how do you find meats for under $1/lb. The ONLY thing we ever find under $1/lb. is chicken legs. I want to know what I'm overlooking! :)

  3. Beef Roasts are never that cheap, but Pork picnic roasts, turkey, and ham are often under $1/lb here. You have to buy big hunks of meat, though, which is why I try to get a lot of meals out of them.

  4. Sounds like a good idea, Shannon.

    How many pounds do you usually have to buy, I'm wondering how much the actual meat cost. I ask because I'm trying to figure out how much that would be on meat per meal?? I've been trying to keep it to $2.-$3. per meal for meat. I've never really cooked like you mention so I'm curious of course!!

    thanks for the post!

  5. Megan, I usually spend between $6-9 for a piece of meat. Then, I try to get 3 meals out of it. The first meal we eat a lot of meat . . . then the last two meals don't use quite as much. When I started doing it I felt bad for paying that much for a piece of meat. Then, though, I figured out how many meals I could get out of it and I didn't feel so bad.


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