Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Countdown . . . Secret Santas

Last week we each drew a name of someone else in the family (except Sarah). Then, we are planning to spend the next month playing 'secret santa' with each other.

What does a secret santa do? They do nice things for each other, complete each others chores, leave small gifts or notes . . . all without the other person knowing. Then on Christmas morning they have a small gift for their secret Santa and reveal their identity.

I wanted the kids to focus on each other instead of thinking only of themselves . . . we'll see if this helps! They've really enjoyed doing special things for each other - although the younger ones don't really get the secret part! We didn't even make it one whole day before everyone knew who their Santas were. Hopefully, as they get older they'll be able to keep the secret better!!

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