Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I ♥ Faces -My Story in Photos "Thankfulness"

This week is a non-judged week at I heart Faces. I'm a little late, but here are just a couple of things I am thankful for.

I have been extremely blessed with the perfect husband and five wonderful children.

My Mother-in-law is a true miracle. By ALL accounts she should not be here. She is a testament that God does answer prayers. She is completely breathing on her own. Her brain is perfectly normal. She's talking and her normal self once again. She's still working on physical therapy . . . but she makes gains there every day. I know many of you spent the summer praying for her, and I just wanted to thank you!

I have so many other things to be thankful for, but these are the big two right now! Head over to I heart Faces to see more Thanksgiving!

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