Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Countdown . . . Coupons

No . . . not grocery store coupons! Homemade coupons!!!!!

If you're looking for a cheap, unique gift for your kids or husband (or for the kids to make for Mom and Dad), try your hand at making your own coupons. Here are some ideas I've come up with for the kids:
  • Doing something fun with just Mom or Dad
  • Staying up an hour later
  • Choosing what we eat for dinner, dessert, snack, etc.
  • Playing a game with the whole family
  • Going somewhere special (the zoo, a hike, the park, a picnic, etc.)
  • Watching a movie of their choice
  • Extra time watching T.V., playing video games, etc.
  • Bake cookies together
  • A shopping trip with just you and Mom - and pick out one outfit
  • Day off school
I'm sure you can come up with tons of ideas on your own! You can either make them all things that cost nothing but time, or things that will cost money. If you do things that cost money, be sure to set the money aside now!

I've also done coupons for my husband. I include more innocuous ideas like the ones for the kids - but also include ones of a more intimate nature.

You can either hand write coupons, make some up on the computer, or if you are crafty, craft some!

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  1. What a super great idea Shannon!!! Thanks for the reminder....I think I will have the kids make some up to give to each other...since we haven't yet seen the need to buy each sibling a gift....Wow that could get expensive fast with 4 kids each buying each other a mom and dad....yep I am thinking this is a much better option....I love you list of ideas too!
    Guess what we are doing for handwriting practice today??? Making!


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