Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lenore Ellen Oklak Peer

Sarah with Nuna - the first time she's held her since June!!

My MIL is in heaven with her savior. Over the last four or five years I think we have both come to love one another very much. When I look at her life, I see a life that touched MANY.

She was a Godly woman who loved to study God's word. She loved talking about what she was learning in her bible studies - and sometimes even like to argue her theological beliefs. She was very much into bible quizzing and had numerous books of the bible memorized. She also encouraged her children in quizzing, and consequently Aaron also has several books of the bible completely memorized.

She was extremely generous. Her love language was definitely gifts. If you knew Lenore, you probably received a gift from her! At Christmas she gave gifts to practically EVERYONE she knew. And the grandkids - she lavished them with gifts! In fact, last Saturday a group of her friends came over and wrapped almost a hundred gifts for her 8 grandkids. She had bought them all before she had her surgery in June ... knowing she may not feel up to shopping for awhile. What a blessing to receive Christmas presents from Nuna this Christmas. Right before her surgery she sent a gift home to my sister who had just had a baby ... she only knows my sister through me ... they've only met at a few joint birthday parties over the years, and yet she thought of her and wanted to gift her. She single handedly kept our family clothed for the first 8 years or so of our marriage!

She loved her Grandkids and had lots of trouble saying no to them! I remember when my nephew was little, she even gave him ice cream for breakfast! I remember at the time (I believe my oldest was just a baby) thinking how terrible that was. But over the years I've come to realize that a little spoiling wasn't going to do any damage to my kids - I'm so glad I allowed her to spoil my kids in whatever way she wanted. They have wonderful memories of their Nuna!

She lost her firstborn when he was just 16. Though this was a life changing event for her, she used her pain to help others who lost children. She was a tremendous blessing to numerous families who walked this very painful path. I know for me personally, she was a great comfort when we went through our miscarriage 3 years ago.

She was an energetic woman ... I could never keep up with her! She was always on the go, and never stopped moving! She loved to decorate ... and had a home that was magazine worthy!! And yet, she never got angry at the kids when they made a mess ... she just quietly cleaned it up and then loved on them!!

She will greatly missed.


  1. What a great testimony her life was! It sounds like she leaves behind her a lasting legacy of loving the Lord and loving His word.....who could ask for more??? Your family and the rest of Aaron's family will be in our thoughts, on our lips during prayer, and in our hearts as you all experience the holidays without a very special person.....Rejoicing with you though as she is now with her Loving more more more tears..Wow! What a mind boggling fantastic place we, who are believers, will experience when it is our time to go home.

  2. Beautifully written Shannon! She will be missed, and she was SUCH a GENEROUS women. We love you guys and are praying for all of you!

  3. That was beautifully written like Gen said. She's rejoicing with the Lord now and we'll all see her again someday.

    Praying for you guys and the whole family

  4. Knowing there is a great hole in each heart that loved her. Its great to know she touched so many lives with her generousity and love, She was a wonderful lady. I know the angels are singing with her today as she glorifies her king. May He comfort and hold each of you this Christmas, Love you all.


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