Saturday, January 30, 2010

Small Space Living - Going Up

We're a homeschooling family and lovers of books. We have hundreds of new books coming into our house each year. This can get difficult in a small space. There are two main solutions for a glut of books -
1) Get rid of them
2) Find more places to put them

For getting rid of them, I love paperbackswap!

But, I still have so many books.  One of the best things we've done is to put bookshelves above all the doors in our hallway.   We are able to store tons of books this way . . . and I think they look nice, too.   Also, by putting them in a hallway, they really do not affect your decor or clutter up your rooms.

We've added several more books since this picture was taken.    We now have shelves over each doorway (maybe I can get a newer picture on later!).

As you can see, each shelf holds a lot of books!!

What's your favorite, organized way to store your books?


  1. Shannon, that's a great that I may have to try myself! My question often do the books fall on people. I can just see books falling on peoples heads all the time! I love the way it looks though! :-)

  2. We've only had them fall a couple of times (they've been up for almost a year) and that involved some door slamming. ;)

  3. Great idea! I too am in love with Paperbackswap. It has saved me SO much time and money!!!


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