Monday, January 25, 2010


The winner of the giveaway is #43 - Smart Cents Mom!

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Congratulations!  I'll be sending you an e-mail for all your information!

Now . . . here's everyone's great tips!!

  • Sort and rotate toys. The stored toys will be a hit when they're brought out the next month.
  • Go through your mail right away when you bring it inside. Throw out the junk and put the bills into a folder with the dates due for each section. Saves time later!
  • I use file folders to organize and categorize utilities, EOB's, medical expenses, credit card info/bills, work expenses, check stubs, and donations all in separate folders. Then when it is tax time or anytime I need to find any of those easy to loose papers I know right where they are all! 
  • If you don't use or forgot you even had it -- give it away to someone who could use it!
  • Open the mail with a garbage can next to you. Get rid of the junk mail right away.
  • USE your space, really! Don't limit space to it's technical use (i.e. toilet paper under the bathroom sink!), but think about all those nooks and crannies and what type of things you could store there!
  • I have a little date book and I write down my monthly to-do list and then keep a list of my weekly need to do and want to dos and CHECK THEM OFF.
  • Label maker! Need I say more.
  • I use baskets to hide everything. So maybe not organized, but it looks like it is!
  • Look thru the mail right away. Throw away all junk, put the bills in the holder on the desk, magazines in the rack, etc.
  • Get rid of the clutter.
  • I love my label maker and baskets to sort like things together!!
  • I keep things labeled, such as our plastic totes, make it easier to dig out the bin I need when the time comes around
  • Every week I tackle one room or closet and this keeps me on top of the clutter.
  • I use wipe containers to store trashbags
  •  keep a baggie clipped to the fridge with a magnet. In the bag I put labels and pop tops that schools use for educational items. I then give mine to my grand sons each month for their schools. 
  • Clear plastic shoe boxes - you can easily see what is inside, they stack nicely and are usually only $1 at Wal-mart! I stick a big 2x4 white label on the front so I know at a glance what each one is for.
  • Make the most use of space with shelving and baskets!
  • When bringing in a new clothing item see if there is something of a similar item in the closet to give to charity so that you are not doubling up on items
  • I'm a list person through and through!
  • Have a place for everything/everything in it's place!
  • Get rid of it, clutter is not anyone's friend!!
Thanks everyone for all your great tips and for entering!  Hopefully we can all take a few of these tips to transform
our homes into more organized spaces!!

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