Monday, February 22, 2010

The Amazing Race

One of our favorite shows to watch as a family is The Amazing Race.   After church Sunday nights, we come home, grab a quick supper (often popcorn) and watch the race as a family.   We each choose a team to root for early on . . . and if your team wins you get to pick a place for us all to go out to eat as a family!  This adds some competitive spirit to the show!

One of the best parts of this show, though, is the ability to get some geography lessons in while watching a show we enjoy.   As we watch we like to find the countries they visit on a map.  This year I'm even having the boys map the route as they travel from country to country.   Then, as they watch the show they are able to see some of the culture of the country.   This gives us a great geography lesson that doesn't even seem like learning to the kids.

Looking up Chile on the map.

Caleb marking the route from the U.S. to Chile (and marking it as the first leg).

Do YOU watch the amazing race?  Are there any fun shows on TV that you use for educational purposes (non-educational shows)?


  1. My husband and I just started watching this show. That is a great idea to turn it into a geography lesson!

  2. I love the Amazing Race, but somehow missed that it had started already. I'm going to have to catch up. That's a great idea to use the show as a geography/ cultural lesson.

    I'm so excited to come across your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. I love your idea for "Loving my Husband Friday". I'm going to have to link up this week.

  3. You know, we haven't watched it, but now that you mention it, and since we're starting a new geography unit, I think we may start!

  4. We've watched that a couple times, but I always forget it's on. We watch the Biggest Loser, and talk about health and fitness, and it usually provides opportunities to talk about people's attitudes, and character and stuff too! I need to remember the Amazing Race is on, I'm sure my kids would love it!

  5. I can't believe AR has started a new season and I didn't know!! I LOVE this show so much and adore many of the couples who have been on it particularly the adorable hippie couple who won the other year!

    I also love Biggest Loser and am, I admit, addicted to 16 and Pregnant and Teen Moms. I'm a high school teacher and I think it's important for adults and teens to see teen pregnancy from a realistic perspective!

    Great blog, thanks for stopping by mine!


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