Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting Off the Hamster Wheel

This week in our history studies we came across a drawing of a man running on a wheel.  He looked just like a hamster!  I know a lot of days I feel like I'm running on that hamster wheel myself.  I often find my self running . . . running . . . running and getting nowhere.   I think the wheel is more than just busyness, it's mindlessly living your life.   Going through the motions.   Living without any purpose.   As I've been considering serenity, I've realized I can't have that peace and calm in my life if I'm running on the hamster wheel.   Getting off is instrumental to living a life of serenity.

Ways to get off the hamster wheel:

1.  Slow Down -  Everyone is so busy these days.  Some of it is inevitable, but I we all can find areas to just s...l...o...w  d...o...w...n.   It's a lie that we can do it all.  We all have to make choices and learn to say no sometimes.   Look your schedule over and spend time in prayer asking God if there is anything on your list you need to cut.   We can fill our days with really great things - but too many great things can cause us to lose ourselves (and our minds).  Prioritize.  Spend some time really thinking about your day to day life.  What can you streamline?  What are your time wasters?  What is unnecessary?

2.  Do Something Different - We get on the wheel in the morning and do the same things we always do.   We make no effort to try to change ourselves . . . no effort to grow into the people that God made us to be.  The mundane chores of our life dictate what we do and think about . . . and to a greater degree who we are.   Every day is the same.  Over time we get sucked into that wheel of routine and stop living life.  We lose our passion.   We lose our zeal.  Do something different.  Change up your routine.

3.  Live Intentionally - Decide the direction you want to go with your life and move in that direction.  I suggest making a list of the things that are most important to you.  Pray over your list.  Everyone's list will look different!  Then, start intentionally making sure that those important things are done each day.  Live a life of purpose.

I am challenging myself to get off the hamster wheel.   Of course, I've been running on the wheel so long that jumping off is going to be hard.  I think it comes down to be intentional in all I do.  Being an intentional mother and teacher.  Being an intentional wife.  Being an intentional homemaker.  And most of all, living my live INTENTIONALLY for God.   Doing the things that matter most in life - and leaving the rest.   LIVING life instead of just going through the motions.

I think getting off the hamster wheel will lead me towards a life of Serenity.


  1. Sigh...I know all about the hamster wheel! I so needed to hear this today...thanks for sharing it Shannon! I too have been thinking a lot about streamlining and being intentional!


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