Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Lanterns

I found a several new blogs this week.  One of them, Acorn Pie, showed us how to make a snow lantern.

The kids and I decided it would be a really cool thing to try.  So, while the kids were out playing yesterday afternoon, I told them to make a pile of snow balls.  I didn't think making snowballs in the cold, dark night sounded like fun . . . so I was going to be prepared!!!

When it was finally dark enough, I gathered a candle and started looking for a lighter or matches to light it. I had a bunch of loose matches in a drawer, but no box with the striker.  I couldn't find my long handled lighter anywhere!! So much for being prepared!    I figured I could light a match against any hard surface . . . I was wrong!  I tried several things (including sandpaper, which just wore the match down to nothing) to no avail.

Finally, I called Aaron who was working his second job (delivering pizzas).  He had no suggestions on how to light a match - but he said he would bring me home some.   Within a few minutes he brought me a lighter and we could proceed!  We built up the sides, then place the candle inside and covered it over.  Pretty neat!!




Let me know what you're thinking!!


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