Saturday, February 6, 2010

SOOC Saturday

SOOC (straight-out-of-camera) Saturday's are back at Slurping Life!  If you have a SOOC image you want to share hop on over there to add it!  And make sure to check out everyone elses pictures!

 My boys have begun carrying Sarah around everywhere.    Sometimes she seems to love it . . . and sometimes you can see she just wants to be left alone.   I'm not sure which is the case in this picture.

Is she thinking, "I love my brother so much I just want to lick him!  He's so sweet he must taste great."

Or is she thinking, "Leave me alone brother . . . can't you see I'm unhappy with you . . . I'm sticking my tongue out at you!"

The world may never know!


  1. Love her all in ones. Chocolate, orange and pink look great together. They both look like they're trying to predict each others next move :0)
    Thanks for your kind words over at my place.


  2. Her arched back makes me suspect that it is the second.... :)

  3. Adorable capture....I think she thinks he's yummy and she's going in for the lick, he on the other hand is waiting for her wet kisses and wondering where the heck the facecloth is to wipe them off!

    Sooooo adorable, children and image. Love!

  4. Kinda looks like the 2nd to me...

    What a cute picture!

  5. Hmm...I just can't decide myself which one she's thinking...cute pic anyway though!!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog, thought I would return the favor...and boy it was worth it. Great blog and great pics!

  7. LOL - very cute and funny
    Love it
    Glad SOOC is back

  8. Precious and hilarious all wrapped up in one. Soon she'll be verbalizing her thoughts well. :)

    So happy to have you return to SOOC Saturday.


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