Saturday, February 27, 2010

Space Ship Fun

There are days I'm sad because my little boys are growing up into young men.  I miss all those little boys games and toys.   But some days, like yesterday, I'm relieved to know my little boys aren't gone yet.

While I was working in the kitchen, Caleb let me know he was in a space ship on his way to Mars.  He then called me from the space ship and talk about the terrain he saw.  A little later he talked Josiah into joining him in his space ship.  They played for over an hour!


Caleb drew control panels on the white boards.

A close-up of the control panels (I think the one on the right has some of his math on it?)

They got out one of their books on space to use as their 'guide'.  Fun and learning combined!  Listening to them was a sweet sound in this Mom's ears.

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  1. Great ship! Next time I'm over could I go to the moon Caleb?


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