Wednesday, March 24, 2010


As a family we enjoy watching many of the cooking challenge shows that are so popular right now.  One of our favorites is Chopped.   One day last week Caleb and Josiah had a challenge and cooked some food for the girls (the judges).   Caleb made cinnamon apples and Josiah cooked some oranges sprinkled with sugar (I think he should get some points for creativity!).

Aaron and I had to laugh because we overheard the girls talking while the boys were cooking.  They kept yelling,  "you've got 10 more minutes left, chefs."  Then, a minute later, "You've got 20 minutes left, chefs."  They aren't very good at telling time, yet.  They were also making all the critiques they hear on the show.  Pretty funny stuff.

I've got a couple of creative chefs - and some bossy judges!!

Caleb cooking up his apples. (Notice the cinnamon sugar spilled on the stovetop, LOL).


  1. We like Chopped and enjoyed The Worst Cooks in America even more!

  2. Too cute! If you play your cards right, you may not have to cook ever again!


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