Monday, March 8, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Jump for Joy

Well, I learned one thing this week while trying to complete the i heart faces 'Jump for Joy' challenge.  My kids do NOT have hops!   This made it very challenging, to say the least.   I finally caught one of Rachel with her feet far up in the air  -  and Josiah decided to run behind her!   Picture ruined!   This one was as good as it gets.  She's not far off the ground - but she was jumping!

Jump 1


  1. Cute shot! She looks happy jumping and smiling for you. :)

  2. Great shot...I'd call that a jump!

  3. Very Cute! It was a challenge for me as well! I think we took nearly 300 shots before I got a decent one. ;)

  4. what a cutie! the color is beautiful.


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