Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm back . . .

I've been without my computer for 4 days . . . but today I got it back!!!  I'm so excited!  I realized two things while it was gone.

 First, how much I rely on my computer.  I use my icalander for EVERYTHING . . . my menu, appointments, etc.  I also keep our school records on the computer.  Those are the two things I missed the most.  I wasn't sure what to pull out of the freezer for supper tonight without my menu (by the way, I chose wrong!  Good thing freezer cooking makes me so flexible, LOL).

The second thing I realized, was that although I love my online time, I'm not as addicted to it as I thought I was!   I'm glad to be back and checking out everyone's blogs, but I didn't have withdrawal symptoms . . . so that is very good news.  I only had a couple times when I reached for my computer to look something up!  I was really surprised that I missed the offline part of my computer MORE than the online.

I've been working on planning our next school year . . . I'll share all our plans at some point in the future.  Now . . . off to see what YOU have been up to.

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