Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In His Word Wednesday


As women in our culture, our outer appearance has become the definition of our self worth.  We are bombarded with messages that you have to look a certain way (like a model) to be beautiful.  We are told that our husbands are 'visual creatures' and that we need to 'keep ourselves up' for their benefit.  If we don't, then we can expect them to stray.  We have all this pressure on us to be thin and physically perfect.  Yet, we can never measure up.

As I've been reading through the Old Testament I've noticed that almost all the women are described as beautiful.  I was beginning to believe that maybe God agrees with the main messages in our culture.   Only the beautiful are important.  Then, I came upon this verse.  I've read it many times before, but in light of my recent readings it took on new meaning.   Finally, someone who doesn't base my worth on my physical appearance.  God cares more about who I am on the inside, than what I look like on the outside.  The pressure is off.  Even though I will never be beautiful and thin, God still loves me and finds value in me.   Now . . . off to work on my heart!

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