Thursday, March 11, 2010

Keeping it Real

Over the last few weeks I have come across countless discussions (both online and in real life) about authenticity in women.   I look around at the women around me (again both online and in real life) and wonder how they have it all together.  I've found recently that most other women feel exactly the same way!!   So, I've made a decision to post Keeping it Real posts periodically.   I want the Peer Review to be a place that is real . . . that shows my failures as well as my triumphs.  I want us to empower each other as women to be the best we can be . . . not tear each other down.

So . . . for my first keeping it real post, I have a few pictures of my living room from yesterday.  That's right . . . this is how it really looks:

The end of our sectional couch.   It has become our 'hot spot'.   Who knows what is lying underneath that pile!!
Keeping it real 1

The floor in the living room . . . strewn with school books, a barbie veil, toys under the couch,  and crackers crunched everywhere (thanks to Sarah):

THAT'S keeping it real!!  (And to further keep it real - the floor was cleaned up soon after this picture - but the end of the couch . . . it still is a wreck, LOL!!).


  1. I love your "keepin' it REAL" new post idea! How true that what you see isn't often the case. Why do we as women always measure ourselves to what we "imagine" others to be? Trick of the devil? (imagine said with the southern of southern-ist accents) :)

    My sofa is a treasure trove for the hardiest pirates this side of the Mississippi. :) On our daily chore chart I made Molly's job on Tuesday's to "hockey stick under the couch and vaccuum the living room". She may be 7 but Cinderella duties are prep work for future castles of her own. :)


  2. Melissa - I need a hockey stick!!! That is a great idea! I have to lug the couches out every week, and have the kids pick up all the 'non trash' while I sweep up the dust bunnies. How does all that stuff end up under there, anyway?

  3. Shannon,
    I also love the "Keepin it Real" post! It is so nice to see that I am not the only one who has messes around the house. Although I don't blog much, this is something I might have to try on my blog. No promises on how long it will take me to get it posted though :)

  4. Love it Shannon! Just what we all need! Maybe you should make it a weekly thing, we can join in!!

  5. Well you read my post earlier this week so you KNOW i'm in love with it. I'm in for a weekly post too!


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