Thursday, March 11, 2010

Living Simply and Green - The three R's


The 3 R's  (no - not reading, 'riting, and ' rithmatic - we'll talk about them some other day) are the basic tenants of living a simple and green life.    Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.  Most of the lifestyle changes I'm going to talk about fit into one of the first two categories.   I think most of us have been taught the third one since we were small children.  I won't spend much time talking about recycling during my series - besides "Just do it".  Here's some of my thoughts on the 3 R's

  1. REDUCE - Reduce the items coming into your home.  Reduce the material possessions cluttering up your life.  I've never been a recreational shopper, so this one isn't as difficult for me as it is for others.  Something we've done to help reduce our consumption is to WAIT before you buy something.  Sometimes we wait and decide it's not something we need.  Sometimes we wait years and years and decide that the item is a worthwhile addition to our lives.   Many items I'm still dreaming of!   Most of my future posts will deal with ways to reduce consumption of so many disposable products. 
  2. REUSE - This is one that I need to do better at.  Before you toss something, try to think of alternative uses for it.  Can use the rest of the material in that stained shirt to make something new?  Can you use that pickle jar to store something else?   Be creative!  Just be careful - only keep things you think you will actually USE . . . you do not want to clutter up your life with a bunch of stuff that you MIGHT use someday.   Can someone else use it?  If so, pass it on to them!
  3. RECYCLE - Recycling is very easy for us - we have curbside pickup for our recycling items.  And yet, I still could do so much better with this one.   Be sure to have a container handy in your kitchen to put recyclables in (I don't . . . which leads to things getting tossed in the trash rather than walking outside to put it in the bin).    No matter where we are on the recycling spectrum, there is more we can do!  If you don't recycle at all, start recycling something.  If you recycle now, set a  goal to recycle more.

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