Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Cleaning - Week 3 - Master Bedroom - Before

We're still spring cleaning over at Sarah's, this week in the Master Bedroom.    I also need to scrub my bathtub from last week.

My plans for the week are giving it a good sweep and mop, dust everything, wash the sheets (I just washed the comforter a few weeks ago after a bed jumping incident (the kids were jumping - not Aaron and I)(No, bed jumping is NOT allowed in this house)).   The biggest plan is to clean out the closet, going through all the clothes and getting rid of what doesn't fit, isn't in good shape, etc.   Aaron will be in charge of his side, so at least  I only have half of the closet to do!

Here's my before pictures:

Looking in from the door.  The clothes need put away off the drying rack, and there is something peeking out from under the bed that needs picked up.   The shelves on the far wall hold all our 'office' supplies and school art supplies.  The chest has the printer on top.  

The shelves across from the bed.  I'm pretty happy with the top two shelves.  The bottom shelf needs some things put away.  (Yes, that is a lego ship on top of the game cube!  Caleb put it in here during Sarah's party and needs to return it to his room).

Aaron's side of the closet.  His drawers down below won't even close - he has a lot of work to do!  You can see my night stand needs a little straightening, as well.  Only 2 water bottles - not too bad!  I always take one with me at night, and then forget to remove it in the morning.  I have 5 water bottles.  There are mornings when all 5 are there.  Then I wash all 5 and start the cycle over, LOL.

My side of the closet.  Yep, I have some work to do, too.

I'll be back Friday with my final results.


  1. This is one of my most dreaded areas! I look forward to seeing how you've done! I need to get busy!!! :)

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. Did you finish? I can't wait to see your "after" pictures.


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