Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WFMW - Kids, Towels and a Small Bathroom

As I've shared before, we have a small house with a lot of people.  Our bathroom is very small.  As my kids began growing I had no idea what to do with all their towels!  I didn't want to wash them every time they used them.  So, I tried hanging a hook behind their doors in their room.  You can imagine how well this worked!  The towels never ended up on the hooks.

So, one day I decided the hooks needed to be in the bathroom!  I hung a long hook with 6 attached hooks behind the door.  One for each kid - plus a bonus hook (that gets used for belts as you can see!).   Each kid has their own color towel.  Now they can easily hang their towel up after their bath or shower.  And even better - if they don't I know exactly who left theirs laying by the color.

My bathroom may not look aesthetically pleasing - but it is functional.  And that works for me!


Works for Me Wednesday is at Rocks in My Dryer this week!  Be sure to check it out!


  1. We put 2 coated wide metal coat racks on the backs of each bedroom door which solved our towel drying challenge.

  2. This is a good idea...are your towels color coated too? Like does each kid have his/her own color?

  3. Yes, the towels are color coded. I always know the culprit if a towel is left on the floor!

  4. Oh that color coding is so smart!

    Lovely idea.


  5. Great idea! Our front bathroom is used by my DD, but also guests. I like that idea b/c I can keep one towel for others to use and she can hang her bath towel behind the door! Thanks for sharing! Stop by my blog to see what works for me!


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