Monday, April 19, 2010

1000 Gifts

holy experience

Every year, as the days grow longer, we are taken by surprise at the arrival of spring.   Spring is a welcome delight, rewarding us for the long, cold days of winter.   Each new bud that bursts forth is a miracle!   Something that appeared dead is now alive!   Within a week a tree that was bare is now fully leaved.  Miraculous.

Our spirits follow that same path sometimes.   We go through dark times when we feel so far from God.  Yet, God is faithful.   He renews our spirits.  We bloom and blossom.  We come back to life.   Our relationship is stronger . . . we are once again walking side by side with Him.   

Continuing on with the list of those wonderful gifts that God gives us:

26.  Prayers to start the day

27.  Beautiful words written by fellow bloggers which touch my heart . . . just when I need it most

28.   Flowers hand picked by my little girls

Mug of Flowers
29.  My kids playing games together

30.  Playing with my baby and hearing her infectious squeals of delight

31.  A walk with my girls

32.  School outside on a blanket

School Outside

Visit Holy Experience to join in a life of gratitude.

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  1. What a lovely list! I love the picture of the white flower withthe yellow and red center and those flowers your girls picked are so sweet!


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