Monday, April 26, 2010

1000 Gifts

holy experience

Gifts.   They surround us.   Our wonderful Father lavishes them upon us.   Are our eyes open enough to see them?   Do we discount the extraordinary as ordinary.   Take some time this week to open your eyes to the gifts around you.   And give thanks!

My list continues:
33. First steps

34. Evening walks with the one I love
35. Quiet
36. My new camera
37. Reading aloud to my girls
38. A book that mesmerizes a large group of children
39. Garage sale finds
40. A day spent learning and worshipping with a large group of women
41. A night out with Aaron - dinner and a (high school) play

More gifts - Holy Experience.


  1. Oh, wow! I love your new camera. It is awesome--and your photos with it are great. Celebrating His gifts with you, Dianne

  2. Gorgeous Shots! What colours, so beautiful.

  3. Awesome photos!! and thanks for your list... I am really enjoying being a part of this community and reading what everyone is grateful for :-)
    Peace, Alida

  4. Beautiful pictures. Have fun with your new camera. I too enjoy reading aloud to my kids. It's a great time to sit and cuddle without all the craziness.


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