Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just for a laugh . . . .

I've heard of a flip top head (remember those commercials??) but I had never heard of a swivel bottom.   Until yesterday morning.


I woke up to a little girl whose bottom had swiveled around as she slept!    Her front was facing the back . . . her back was facing the front.   She must be one talented baby!   Maybe she has a future in the circus, or something.

Then I remembered.  Her big brothers had put her diaper on the night before.   How they put it on backwards is beyond me!   Did they have her lay on her stomach to change her?    What craziness!  Thankfully, it still holds what it needs to hold even when on backwards.


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  1. So funny! Thanks for the adorable pics and a good laugh this morning. I have to tell you that I totally love your blog. It is always positive and inspirational and it makes my days a little brighter.


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