Monday, April 5, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

Ann Voskamp at Holy Experience issued a challenge to find 1000 gifts in your life . . . not the gifts you want, but the gifts you already have.  A list of all the things that God has given you and that you have to be grateful for.   I decided to start my own list last week.   I want to begin looking for God's loving hand in every aspect of my life.   So, here is the start of my 1000 gifts.

  1.  A hard day's work, ending in a freezer full of food.
  2. The sun.
  3. A family that plays and laughs together
  4. A flower strewn bath drawn with love.
  5. DSCF2003
  6. DeBrands Chocolate Truffles
  7. A loving husband who pampers me with the above.
  8. A quiet morning alone.
  9. Sounds of birds singing
  10. Precious times sharing love with a daughter.
  11. The silly antics of one year olds.
  12. DSCF2023
  13. The occasional good night's sleep.
  14. A fun outing of miniature golf with my family.
  15. Gorgeous, warm spring weather.
  16. Christ's sacrifice on the cross.
  17. A beautiful message at our Easter services.
  18. A nice family dinner (china and all).
  19. Watching my girls love on their Papa.


  1. Welcome to the Gratitude Community! You will be so blessed as you become more and more aware of the many good gifts in just the everyday. Love your blog title. :)

  2. yes, welcome! It's so much fun, you will be so glad you did this! I love your list so year olds are awesome! Minature golf...somewhat awesome... :)

  3. Welcome! You have a great husband it sounds like. I bwt we will see more of himn as your list grows.


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