Monday, May 3, 2010

1000 Gifts

holy experience

Blessings rich . . . 

Blessings abundant . . . 

amazing gifts

from an almighty God.

My list continues:

42.  Singing songs with my baby
43.  Hearing my girls' made up songs - and watching them be butterflies
44.  Hearing, "You look beautiful today."
45.  Believing it.
46.  Kids who are best friends.
47.  A nice family hike through the woods.
48.  Aaron taking the kids with him on errands - so I could have some peace.
49.  Lemon Bars
50.  A gentle rain
51.  Seedlings peeking through the earth
52.  Homemade raspberry ice cream
53.  Homemade chocolate cake
54.  Celebrating another year for 3 nephews

Have you spotted some of God's gifts this week?   Join in giving thanks to God at Holy Experience.


  1. mmmmm... lemon bars....

    I love the photo of the marsh. We went to a similar-looking place this weekend. There's something so peaceful and still about a marsh.

  2. Beautiful peaceful and serene. Love your listing of homemade ice cream. yum!


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