Monday, May 10, 2010

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts

holy experience


More gifts from the Master's hands:

55.  New Life of Spring

56.  Big Brothers who know how to make their baby sisters laugh
57.  Smooth days of school
58.  Good Attitudes
59.  Weekly at-home date nights

60.  Aaron buying me chocolate when I'm grumpy
61.  An afternoon spent with family - mushroom hunting and putting up a pool

62.  A morning in peace and quiet - alone
63.  The noisy return of my family, bearing Mother's Day gifts
64.  Breakfast in bed
65.  Lunch out with my parents and my mostly well behaved kids
66.  Planning a getaway
67.  Ice Cream for supper


  1. I am so bad at mushroom hunting... I never could never find any- they are too camoflaged on the ground for me to see I think...

    Visiting from the link on Holy Experience...have a super week!

  2. geez...I never could!


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