Saturday, May 1, 2010

Photo Hunt Challenge #7

Whew . . . this month flew by!!   Here is my photohunt challenge selections!   Make sure you go check out everyone else's photohunt challenges.

  • 1.  A Different Point of View

  • 2.  A Perspective Shot

  • 3.  Touch

  • slug

  • 4.  Taste

  • MominIN - taste

  • 5.  Sight

  • Wonder

  • 6.  Sound

  • 7.  Smell

  • 8.   Sign of Spring (or autumn)

  • 9.  Flowers

  • 10.  A letter formed/found in nature (Examples)

  • MominIN - Letter Formed in Nature "V"

  • 11.  Trio

  • 12.  Fish

  • MominIN - Fish


  • 13.  Water

  • 14.  Skyward

  • Cloudy Eve

  • 15.  Mother Earth

  • 16.  Something Rare

  • Mominin-Something Rare

  • 17.  Something Healthy

  • 18.  Something Colorful:

  • Wheelbarrow full of Love

  • 19.  Something Spicy

  • ;MominIN - Spicy

  • 20.  Something Triangular

  • MominIN - Something triangular


    1. It's amazing how fast the month goes when there's a photo hunt challenge to do, isn't it? :) I always feel that way, too. Well, you did a great job! Your something colorful with the (your?) little girl in the wheel barrel with all those plastic Easter eggs was clever. I like the perspective from which you took it. Nice job! Otherwise, I thought your flower and sign of spring had nice depth of field that added to their drama a bit. And your shot for Mother Earth was my favorite. Beautiful buds! Life is amazing the way it forces it's way through the odds to make a fresh start.

    2. Wow - that skyward shot is beautiful! Love, love, love the shot of the little girl in the wheelbarrow. SO cute. Great pictures!

    3. Taste, water, Mother Earth and something rare are my favorites but of couse all of them are wonderful. It is amazing what each of us came up with.
      Great job!

    4. that tree was very unique! The salsa looks tasty. nicely done.

      Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

    5. "Sight' and 'skyward' were my two favorites. Nice job :)

    6. Skyward, water and perspective are my favorites, great job!

    7. great collection! crazy looking tree you found!

    8. Different POV is amazing. I guess we were thinking alike on the fish picture. :)

    9. Something rare was indeed rare, and I loved the mother earth shot. Point of view was totally cool too!

    10. Great shots. I love the healthy and the colorful shots.


    Let me know what you're thinking!!


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