Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Terrifying Story

Last Friday night the kids and I spent the evening at Mom and Dad's while Aaron worked.   We didn't get home until almost 10.   I put the kids to bed and then sat down to relax until Aaron got home.   We watched a tv show, then got up to go to bed.   I went to take my medicine and noticed a hat sitting on the counter.

Now, the kids have a few hats, but I had NEVER seen this one before.   I called Aaron out and asked him where the hat came from.  He had no idea, either.  We tried to think of someone we knew from Iowa (or who would like Des Moines - the name on the hat) and were clueless.  Aaron picked it up and it had a white hair inside.   I freak out!  I make Aaron search the house . . . closets, under the beds, etc.   I was sure there was a strange man hiding in our house!

We finally realized the house was clear, so we went to bed, wondering who had left a hat on our kitchen counter.   I had trouble sleeping all night!   I kept looking out into the hallway, just waiting for the man to show his face.   Then I kept thinking that he just left the hat to tease me and would be back the following evening to do us all in.   Finally, I fell to sleep.

The next morning we asked Caleb if he'd ever seen the hat as soon as he woke up.  He replied, "Yeah, Mom, we bought it at the garage sale, remember?"   Obviously, I didn't remember!

Two years ago one of our neighbors had hats for sale at their garage sale.   The kids each bought one, but I thought they were all from a local golf course.   I guess one was Des Moine, IA.    Oh . . . and the white hair . . . it was dog hair, from our dog Lucy (whom we haven't had for 2 years).   The kids must have found the hat, which hadn't been worn for years.   They found a real treasure . . . and gave their Mom quite the fright in the process!


  1. LOL! That is hilarious!!! Only can something like that happen to you guys! That sounds like a sermon illustration to me!

  2. Ohhhh MY! You had me hanging on every word! I am glad it turned out be nothing! Now you can have a good laugh at it!!

  3. Wow what a night! Sounds really scary to me! So glad it was nothing!

    I agree with Gen, sermon illustration!!


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