Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kid's Say the Funniest Things . . . .

I've been collecting some funny things the kids have said over the last 6 months.  These aren't all the funny things they said, but they ARE the ones I actually remembered to write down!

Rachel - "To Jesus, does the world look like a head?"

Caleb - After being left home alone for the first time (for about 30 minutes) he said, "I was really excited to get to stay home by myself ... but after you were all gone, it was just ... ... ... lonely."

Rachel - "There's a butt guy in our house" Me, "What?" Aaron, "You mean Buckeye?" Rachel, "Yes!!" Butt guy . . . buckeye . . . not a huge difference, right? (Aaron is the lone Buckeye in the family, in case you were wondering).

DSCF2001Caleb - Upon making this comfy 'bed', he said "This is living.  There's surviving . . . and then there's LIVING!"

Josiah - While watching the Food Network show, Chopped.  "The first time I watched this, I thought they actually got chopped!"   That would make an interesting show - you cook bad food - we chop your hand off! LOL!

Rachel - "Mom is going to teach me how to act like a lady . . . that means not dropping your baby, right?!"  Yep, Rachel . . . that's all there is to it!

Josiah -  On Sarah's first birthday.  "Have you stopped sucking your fingers now, because you are one?"  He's 8 - and still sucks his!

Jada - After Rachel asked if she could cook supper . . . "Can I be her sous chef?"   I think we watch too much food network at this house!

Josiah - When asked if he knew where Australia was.  "Yeah . . . it's the pink one on Risk."

Rachel - "Mom, can we eat off the Indian plates tonight?"  Hmmm . . . . I think she means the china!

Jada - After being in bed for a few minutes she came back out and asked, "If Rachel and I bother each other, can I sleep in your bed?"    I guess punishing them by sending one to our bed isn't working!

Have your kids said anything funny lately?


  1. Priceless! I am so glad you have those documented for the future!!

    Congrats on your baby news!!

  2. Hi Shannon! I hope you remember me! I'm the Amy that worked with Aaron at National City in Warsaw. Aaron posted a link to your blog on Facebook, and I have to say I just LOVE it!! So much fun to read!! I loved reading these funny quotes!:-)


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