Monday, August 30, 2010

I ♥ Faces -Photojournalism

This week's theme for I Heart Faces is Photojournalism.   They are defining photojournalism as Using an image (or images) to tell a story.

Even though I think most photos tell a story of some sort,  I really don't have any in a photojournalistic style.    I found this one from last summer, though, and love the story it's telling.   My whole family had gone out to eat.   You can see everyone else ordered a normal entree.   My sister wanted pizza.   So . . . she ordered a whole large pizza all for herself!    She looks like she's taking part in one of those eating challenges.  I love the expressions on everyone's faces!   (And no . . . she didn't eat the whole thing!!!).


  1. Oooh, that looks yummy! This is such a cute story. TFS!!!

  2. hee hee - wonderful fun at that table - wish I was there! Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for your comment at my place too!

  3. You captured that just perfect!!!

  4. Great shot...(even tho it's of a fat chick!) You did get the story a little messed up though. Shawn made me order it, and he ate at least half of it! =) (look at his face, and tell me he's not guilty)


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