Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Following our Intuition

I think God has given us  little alarms to let us know when something is wrong.  We've all heard the stories of Mom's just feeling like something was off - only to find out they were right.  I have a story of my own.  It happened back when I was 9 months pregnant with baby #4.   Aaron had taken our oldest with him to do some visiting and I put our 3 year old and not quite 2 year old down for a nap.  Rachel (the not quite 2 year old) was fighting her nap.  She screamed and screamed and screamed.  I was tired and was supposed to be getting a nap myself.  I kept going in and laying her back down, only to hear her scream again.   I finally decided to just let her cry - she needed a nap and I was going to make her take it!

After a little while I heard a small change in her screams.  I was going to ignore it . . . thinking she was just getting more angry at having to take a nap.  But I felt a nudging to get up and check.  When I stood up I smelled something hot.   I went out and checked the stove before heading into her room.  It was off.  I opened the door to her room and it was filled with smoke!   She had pulled a lamp into her crib and her mattress and blankets were smoldering.   I grabbed her and ran her out to the living room.  I then ran in and grabbed the light out of her bed and doused the bed with water.   I could barely breathe - I don't know how she was breathing all that time!  I opened her window and left the room after I knew the fire was out.

I grabbed Josiah (who was sleeping like a good little boy) and Rachel (the not so good little girl) and sat on the porch crying until Aaron came home.   I knew that I had been so close to loosing my little girl.  If I had ignored that nudge like I wanted to she would have been overcome with smoke and I would have thought she had finally gone to sleep.  By the time the smell of smoke would have reached me lying down it would have been too late.

Since that day I've tried to remember to follow my gut on things.   Now - I'm not saying that every disaster would be averted if we listen to that inner voice.  God is in control of all things and sometimes that includes bad things.  But, I do think that He does warn us at times, if we just listen.    I think he gives us feelings about situations and people to help us.  I think these feelings are there so we can proceed with caution in a given situation.

So I encourage you to start trusting your gut.   There'll be times that what we think is God warning us is just manifestations of our own worries.  But, just because we lack discernment in one situation doesn't mean that God isn't talking to us in the next.  


  1. Great post! I'm super glad you followed your intuition. Can you imagine life without Rach? I can't!

  2. Very nice post, Shannon! God really does take care of us!


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