Monday, January 24, 2011

I ♥ Faces - Innocent Wonder

This week's theme is Innocent Wonder at i heart faces.   With the arrival of little Alex this week, only one model would do!  What is more innocent than a brand new baby?  And, I can't help but spend my days staring at him in wonder.   I wonder . . . how can he be so beautiful and perfect?  How could he have possibly been inside me just a few short days ago?   Who will he be?  How will he impact his world?  How can anyone not see God's miraculous hand in each and every new life?

So, here, at two days old . . .  innocent wonder.


  1. He's precious and wonderous! Perfect photo.

  2. Innocent at its best! :)

  3. Love this picture Shannon....and I'm jealous!! I'm so looking forward to staring at our new little girl for hours on end...(that is if the kids ever let me hold her LOL!).
    I can't wait to meet Alexander someday! Enjoy..he's beautiful!

  4. great picture!
    Is he continuing to be a sleepy baby?? Enjoy your quiet days while grandma has your other 5, it might come to an end soon!!!

  5. How beautiful he is! God has blessed you richly! I still can't wait to see and hold him!


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