Monday, January 17, 2011

i ♥ Faces - Winter Wonderland

This week's theme at i heart faces is Winter Wonderland.   We've certainly had a winter wonderland this year, but I haven't gotten out to get many pictures.   I've had trouble staying upright on the snow and ice, so I've opted to stay inside for the most part until this baby arrives!   I did step out on the porch this last week, though, and got a picture of Caleb shoveling the yard.  Yep.  The yard.   He was making paths for the kids to play in.   What a silly boy!

Snow Shovel


  1. Love that he is smiling while shoveling snow! Chores of snow!he is very handsome.

  2. He looks like he is having a blast!


  3. Love the BW you applied here. And the angle. It makes the picture different and interesting. Love it.


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