Friday, February 25, 2011

Homeschooling - Week in Review

Well, this week hasn't exactly gone as planned.  Alex is getting more needy instead of less and needs to be held all day long.  He's not sleeping well at night, either, so I am utterly exhausted.  We did get a few things accomplished:

  • Memorized Acts 16:31
  • Learned about Daniel being taken into exile and how he refused to eat the kings food
  • In Math  Caleb studied more fractions (adding, subtracting, finding LCD) and geometry.  Josiah learned about reading thermometers, mixed fractions.  Rachel continued working on subtraction and place value
  • Josiah finished The Cabin Faced West and Caleb finished Meet George Washington, Rachel read a bunch of Dr. Suess and other picture books
  • We read more of Johnny Tremain - We should finish next week.
  • Studied the French & Indian War and Benjamin Franklin
  • Wrote papers about the French & Indian War (Caleb - 5 paragraph Essay, Jo - paragraph)
  • Mapped the thirteen colonies
  • Learned about prokaryotic Cells and drew them.
  • DSC_0002
                             Josiah's                                                                                   Rachel's
  • Caleb learned about how the body disposes of waste and how the ear works
  • Watched the Disney Nature movie, Oceans.
  • Caleb studied pronouns in grammar.
  • Josiah studied pluralization in grammar
I think that's it.  

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