Monday, March 21, 2011

Game Time!

When we added on a family room last summer, Aaron and I had different visions for the space.  Aaron wanted some place the kids could go to watch TV and play video games (leaving his TV free, LOL).  He also wanted it as a space they could use when they had friends over.  Again, to keep the din away from us.

I, on the other hand, envisioned a space that we could play games together as a family.   I pictured the kids playing games and doing puzzles together on the floor.  I saw us gathered around the coffee table, playing together.  

I think we've been able to work the space so that both of our visions could come to fruition.   After Christmas, we took the kids' Christmas money and bought a TV for the space.   Their Wii is hooked up to it (and through the Wii, netflix instant streaming) along with basic cable.  Aaron's visioned ... accomplished.  

We also moved all the games out here.   We bought an inexpensive shelf, and loaded it with our games. Using this as inspiration, my dad built frames around four game boards.  We used leftover trim from the addition, making it virtually free!  I also, displayed a few games on a shelf above them.  That's what you call decorating on the cheap!

The kids are playing lots of games now.  This could either be because the games are so much more accessible, or it could be because I banned TV and video games during the week.  Either way (and I think we all know which way it is)  our family room is now being used just as I envisioned it.  We still need a coffee table to gather around (and I would love some different furniture ... which isn't going to happen) but I love seeing my kids playing together!






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  1. I have your coffee table. Friday after the thing come here and we will load it up!


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