Friday, March 18, 2011

Homeschooling - Week in Review

I'm almost embarrassed to post our week this week, but I want to be fully honest about what goes on around here!  Remembering the bad is as important as remembering the good ... right?!?  We celebrated Sarah's birthday on Sunday, so Alex spent the afternoon being held by others and not sleeping.  This led to a couple of really awful nights with a terrible day in between.  I think he was the grouchiest he's been (which is really saying something).   Consequently, I was quite the slacker this week on the schooling front.

Sarah opening a present from Pa and Nanny.

The weather finally began acting like spring is on the way!  The kids spent a lot of time outside this week.

On Monday, bundling up was still necessary.

By the middle of the week, spring jackets could be worn (of course if you're Josiah - you can wear short sleeves).

Jada and Rachel peeking in the window.

Caleb continued working on fractions this week.  He learned to multiply and divide them.  He also became very frustrated with them.  He continued struggling with reducing his fractions ... he can reduce them, but he doesn't seem to notice when he needs to.   In grammar he studied adjectives.  He learned about the cardiovascular system in science.   In greek, he finished learning all of the alphabet. We may need a few days of reviewing before he move on.  (Greek is Dad's department, though).   He began reading George Washington: Young Leader (Childhood of Famous Americans).  He had a rough time this week being diligent ... and he's usually my best. 

Caleb building a crayon house while he's supposed to be doing grammar.

Josiah learned about mixed numbers and improper fractions this week.  In grammar, he's studied all the different kinds and uses of pronouns.   He's been reading Meet Thomas Jefferson (Landmark Books).  

Rachel got up early each day to get her math and phonics done.  Unfortunately, on Thursday she couldn't find her math book (we finally found it Thursday night under the couch).   She also had some corrections, because even though it was review, she didn't read the instructions when doing it herself.  I guess at least she gets an A for initiative!  She also read one of the Frog and Toad books.

Jada had a little excitement while doing her math on Tuesday.  She was sitting next to me on the couch, and suddenly she said, "My tooth fell out."  Sure enough, her tooth just fell right onto her math book.  It must have been really loose!  We also played Sorry and Skip-bo together ... a little bit of applied math.  I don't think she did much else the rest of the week.

Together we finished reading about the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the different fighting styles of the British and the colonists.  We read 5 more Chapters in Carry On, Mr. Bowditch.  The girls and Josiah learned about the difference between animal cells and plant cells.  We also had our second Poetry Tea.

And ... a picture of the little guy!  He does sleep ... occasionally.


  1. I *know* that kind of week! Still, it seems that as whole you all got a lot done! Hope next week is a good one!

  2. i found your blog through the bee hive and thought i'd stop in and say hello! i *think* i'm from your neck of the in?

  3. Agreeing with Gillian! The pics of your kids are beautiful!!

  4. Looks like you accomplished quite a bit. My son is also needing a lot of reminding to reduce fractions. Love all the pictures.

  5. Those week's happen to the best of us. Keep on...



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