Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sarah is 2!!!

She's silly.

She's bossy.

She never stays still.

She loves to read books.

She loves the wonder pets.

She loves her brothers and sisters.

She thinks she's 12 instead of 2.

She's a great little helper.

She loves to take baths.

She still sucks her first two fingers.

She loves to go 'bye'.

She just started saying sentences.

She loves chocolate. 

She loves salt.

She loves to snuggle.

She likes to sing.

She climbs.

She likes playing polly pockets with her sisters.

She likes playing star wars action figures with her brothers.

She likes to color ... occasionally on paper.

She likes to dance and has some pretty good moves.

She's spoiled by everyone in the house.

She's the apple of our eyes.

She's two.


Let me know what you're thinking!!


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