Tuesday, March 22, 2011

School Planning - When

This time of year is planning time for me!!  One of the first things to decide when you are planning is  when to do school.  Homeschooling allows great flexibility in scheduling.  You can follow the traditional school schedule, school year round, or do anything in between.   In our state, you must school for 180 days, but you can schedule them whenever you want!

We (O.K. ... I ... my kids would prefer to spend their days in frivolous pursuits year round) like to start in July and finish up at the end of May.   This year I am scheduling 5-6 weeks on and one week off.  I will spend the week off planning the upcoming weeks, cleaning the house well, and doing once a month (or six weeks, LOL) cooking.  I'm hoping this will allow me to keep the house running well.

Once I have a general idea of when I want to do school, I go into ical and start scheduling the weeks on and the weeks off.  Each week we are in school, I just number the week on Sunday.   The weeks we are off are left blank.  This year we are starting school July 18th.  We have 5 scheduled weeks off and 2 weeks at Christmas.   We will finish off the last week in May.  That gives us 7 weeks of Summer break.

If something comes up during the year, we can move our weeks off around.  It's totally flexible.  Hopefully, though, we'll be able to stick to the schedule!  I've planned each of the older kids' birthdays during a week off,  so they'll be able to celebrate with the day off.

How do you plan when you're school year will be?  Or do you just fly by the seat of your pants?  Do you follow the traditional school schedule?  School year round?


  1. Normally we start early August and end early May. But I really like the idea of 5-6 on and 1 off. I think I might just implement such a schedule at our house this next school year. That give us plenty of breaks to schedule appts., and breaks up the long times of working so hard without any breaks. We normally forgo a Spring Break, because we would rather be done earlier. For Christmas we have done one week and then some years we do two. I think your idea is great, thanks for sharing.

  2. I am a huge planner, but because of various circumstances, I usually find myself flying by the seat of my pants as far as scheduling goes; however, I would love to be more scheduled! I like your plan, and I think doing 6 weeks on and 1 off is a great idea...something to consider definitely. I have always begun the first Monday of August and ended sometime early June; however, we just moved to CT from GA this year, and schools here don't start until after Labor Day. Not sure how/if I will allow that to effect us or not. It only did this year because we were moving the second week of September. Consequently, we are bit behind and will be schooling well into July this year! Grrr!!


Let me know what you're thinking!!


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