Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3 months old

Alexander James (A.K.A. Alex or A.J.)

He smiles  ♥  He has a very loud voice ♥  He loves Mommy best  ♥  He has small periods of happiness every day  ♥ The rest of the time he's grumpy ♥  He naps on his tummy  ♥  He still doesn't sleep well at night  ♥  He still eats every 2-3 hours   ♥  He likes to lay on the floor  ♥  He likes to sit in his bouncy seat  ♥   Most of all he likes being held  ♥  He lets you know exactly what position he wants to be held in ... which is always changing  ♥  He went on his first overnight to Papa's  ♥  He took his first trip to the emergency room   ♥  He's adorable  ♥  We all love him to pieces

See how he's grown:
3 months


  1. What a wonderful blog--so beautiful. Your little guy is getting quite big.


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