Friday, April 8, 2011

Homeschooling - Week in Review - Week 30

This week was a strange week.   All the area kids are on spring break, so the boys spent the night Tuesday night with a friend and stayed there all day Wednesday.  So, they didn't do any school that day. The girls and I had a light school day.  Thursday we finally were able to visit my Dad, who had his knee replaced last week.  We were sick last week and didn't want to risk making him sick while he was recovering.  So, another light day of school.  Monday, Tuesday and Friday, though, were really good days.   This week was our 30th scheduled week in school, but we are actually a little ahead of schedule.  Caleb is a full 5 days ahead, and Rachel and Josiah are 2 days ahead!   We skipped some planned breaks early on, thinking we would take several weeks when Alex was born.  My Mom taught the kids while I was having Alex, so they were able to continue on!  So, now we'll get to finish a little early!

Here's what we did this week:

Math - Caleb worked with decimals.  Josiah studied lines and line segments and also began learning to add basic fractions.  Rachel worked on place value (hundreds) and learned about liquid measure.   Jada also worked on place value (tens and ones).
Rachel seeing how many pints are in a quart.

Spelling - This week Caleb, Josiah and Rachel all started All About Spelling.   They all worked through the first 3 steps.  They all are liking this program.

Writing - Caleb worked on Week 1 of Year two in Writing with Ease.  Rachel and Josiah did Week 1 of Year one.  I'm really liking this program and have seen advancement in their skills in just one week.

Grammar - Caleb is still working with Adjectives.  Josiah studied verbs and verb tenses.

Phonics - Rachel and Jada completed lessons in Explode the Code.  I started working through Phonics Pathways with Jada.  We're moving through pretty fast here at the beginning, but I'm assuming we'll slow down soon.

History - We learned about how states could be added to the union.  We made maps, adding dates on each state as they are added to the union.  We also learned about our first president, George Washington.  We learned how the capital was moved from New York City to Washington D.C. and how Washington's location was a compromise between Alexander Hamilton (Sec. of Treas.) and Thomas Jefferson (Sec. of State).

Read-aloud - We started Justin Morgan Had a Horse, reading the first 6 chapters.

Reading - Caleb finished Martha Washington: America's First Lady (The Childhood of Famous Americans Series) .  Josiah continued reading Om-Kas-Toe.  Rachel read Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie and Surprises

Memory - This week we began memorizing in earnest.   We worked on memorizing the beginning of the Lord's Prayer,  3 early American History dates (the Decl. of Independence, End of the Revolutionary War, and writing of the Constitution), The Preamble to the Constitution, and John 1:1-2.   I think we have all of them but the Preamble down, and we're over half way through it.

Science -  We began studying protists.  Caleb learned about genes and DNA.

Greek - Caleb has finished level one of Hey Andrew!, so Aaron is teaching him some paradigms and vocabulary words.

The girls and I read several books on Wednesday while the boys were gone and did some simple activities with them.  The first book we read was Let's Count It Out, Jesse Bear.   One of the things that Jesse Bear does in the book is get his picture taken in a photo booth.  I set up a 'photo booth' with my computer, and we took a few shots.

Photo 128

Then, we also read The Country Mouse and City Mouse.  The girls made drawings of the story.
                                        Jada's mouse.

            Rachels mouse house.

Sarah did a lot of coloring this week.  Unfortunately, she colored herself more often than not.

Caleb made oatmeal scotchie bars for our Poetry tea.  We read  some epitaphs, shaped poems, and riddles from A Child's Introduction to Poetry and poems from Now We Are Six .   We also read Romeo and Juliet from Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare for Children.   After I finished I asked them what happened and Rachel said, "Everybody died."  I thought that was funny (accurate ... but, funny).

I read Mrs. Mike this week.  It was a good story based in the wild North's of Canada during the turn of the century.   I am halfway through reading The Core: Teaching Your Child the Foundations of Classical Education.   It is really challenging my thinking about what and how we study in our homeschool.  The focus on memory work this week is one of those changes.  I'm hoping to finish it this weekend.

I was trying to get Alex to smile.  He kept smiling in between shots!


  1. beautiful pictures, and it looks like a terrific week.

  2. Wow! I think this is the 1st time that I have seen your blog. What an accomplishment to have six children and actually be able to say that you will finish your year early. Amazing! And what a beautiful family!

  3. I love your rain gutter book shelves :)


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