Friday, April 22, 2011

Homeschooling - Week in Review - Week 31

It was difficult to get back into the swing of things after Spring Break last week ... especially for a couple of boys who pulled an all-nighter at a friends house last weekend.  But, for the most part, we worked hard this week.   

  • Math - Caleb worked with decimals and word problems this week.  Josiah had a rough week.  We spent a good portion of our week reviewing stuff he should already know.  He is my one that needs sleep, so his sleepless weekend has been hard on me this week.  Rachel reviewed her addition and subtraction, place value, and took a test (she got a 96% ... missing one problem).  Jada continued working with place value, addition and subtraction.
  • Grammar -  Caleb worked with adjectives and diagramming.   Josiah worked with past tense verbs.
  • Spelling - AAS is going really well.  Josiah actually enjoys it!   The boys both completed steps 4-11.   Rachel completed steps 4 & 5.
  • Writing - the three older each completed week 2 of their levels.   
  • Memory Work  -  We worked on John 1:1-5, The Lord's Prayer, the Preamble to the Constitution, and our 3 US History dates.    The boys both have everything learned.  Rachel and Jada are close on the Lord's Prayer and John 1, but are struggling with the preamble.  It's full of big words that they doesn't understand, which makes it difficult.

Jada and Sarah are up early and "working".

  • Reading - Caleb and Josiah are both reading Om-Kas-Toe.   Rachel read Balto and Titanic.
  • History - We learned about the Louisiana Purchase and began reading a book about Lewis and Clark.    The boys started a lapbook about Lewis and Clark, as well.

Rachel joining the girls.  They love working at the couch instead of the table.

  • Read-aloud - We read Chapters 7-16 of Justin Morgan had a Horse.  We plan on finishing this book over the weekend.
  • Science - We learned about how protists move.  Caleb read about genes and DNA and taste buds and the mouth. 

Caleb and Rachel doing school next to Alex.

  • Phonics - Rachel and Jada both are working in Explode the Code.  Jada only did Phonics Pathways one day this week.

Sarah working on one of her puzzles.

  • Easter Week -  We read The Three Trees and The Thornbush.  We colored easter eggs.  They were supposed to have glitter on them, but Caleb didn't read the instructions properly, so that didn't happen.   We had hot cross buns today for Good Friday.  We plan on making resurrection rolls and hiding our resurrection eggs tomorrow (if we can find them ... where do you think we put them last year, LOL).

Coloring Easter Eggs
What I'm Reading - I finished The Core last weekend.   I've read the Well-Trained Mind and didn't get the importance of memory work.   I didn't understand why my kids needed to memorize a bunch of facts when they could look them up, if ever they needed them.   After reading The Core, I understood that the information itself isn't necessarily important (although it does help to have 'pegs' to hang the things they are learning on) but that memory work strengthens the brain.  It's giving the brain a workout!  Since reading this, we've been working more on memory work in our school.  She also emphasizes the geography memory and timeline memory.  I can definitely see the value as you are learning history and current events.   Being able to picture the where and when helps give more understanding.   Her chapter on Geography memory work is a must read, in my opinion.   The rest of the book was just about the way she does all the different subjects.   They didn't resonate with me ... I love being able to read education books and take what I deem as important and leave the rest!

I also read Water for Elephants.  This was a very good book!  It does contain some pretty racy scenes and a good amount of language, so if that bothers you then avoid it.   An elderly gentlemen is remembering his days in the circus.   Fascinating!


  1. A few weeks ago I printed out a 102 page pdf of good things to memorize from the WTM forums. They talk alot about memorizing. I never knew why either, but it all makes sense. I'm thinking my mind could use the workout too!! We just started last week but didn't do it this week with spring break!
    Glad you had a good week!

  2. It's always so hard getting back to school after a break. Sounds like you were able to accomplish a lot though.


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